Mike Antkies

Vice Chairman

Mike Antkies, Senior Vice President of The Lansco Corporation and one of the founders of the company, has been active in real estate for more than 49 years. He has negotiated leases totaling hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of this career.

His real estate career, in addition to his brokerage experience, has encompassed many other areas of the real estate business, including the acquisition and sale of properties either as a broker or principal, supervisor of construction programs, the subdivision of land and the construction of homes. He also has experience supervising the construction of new commercial space and modernization of the core systems in older buildings. All these experiences has enabled him to better understand the pricing and complexities involved in commercial installations and leases from both the Tenant’s and Landlord’s perspective.

Having knowledge of these other facets of the business has given him better insight of the costs involved in commercial leasing. Knowing this gives him the ability to be able to negotiate more effectively on behalf of his clients. The cost of construction, along with local market values and comp costs are major dollar components of every deal of consequence. Therefore a broker with first-hand knowledge in these areas can literally save his client hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars depending upon the size of the transaction.

Mr. Antkies has also been instrumental in upgrading and customizing the data processing capabilities of The Lansco Corporation. This state-of-the-art computer capability has enabled the development of the company’s custom up-to-date retail tracking system for quickly searching for available space,coupled with Lansco’s premier financial forecast and analytical spreadsheet programs. These programs permit a thorough and in-depth analysis of leases of competing properties and have been further engineered to compare the merits of leasing vs. purchasing property, if required. All of these factors were employed by Mr. Antkies in the negotiation for Niketown’s 100,000 square foot store on 57th Street and 25 retail leases for Scottrade in the metropolitan New York area.

The knowledge, experience, skills and understanding acquired by him during a 49-year career in real estate bring validity to the term “consummate broker” when applied to Mike Antkies

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