Office Leasing

Today’s leasing marketplace presents as many pitfalls as it does opportunities. Lansco’s Lease Analysis Program is a step by step process designed to protect the clients’ interests. We begin each assignment with a thorough “needs analysis” designed to yield a detailed program that our clients use to operate more efficiently: work allowances are analyzed in depth and special attention is paid to escalation clauses, analyzing their projected impact under a variety of “what if” scenarios. For example, improperly negotiated escalation clauses can easily double a tenant’s rent. Market knowledge and experience have never been more critical.

Lansco is a partner in Corfac (Corporate Facility Advisors) International. Corfac is a select group of real estate professionals operating in over 50 markets in the United States and Canada. Corfac is active in over 80 international markets stretching from Europe through the Middle East to the Far East. One Corfac partner can handle your real estate requirements worldwide.